When it comes to sex stories with a difference you will find that there are a lot of stories out there. It can be fun and sexy to read sex stories about other people. However, it can get to be boring and tedious to have to read basically the same story and over and over. This is why sex stories with a difference should involve more than your average sexy tale.

Unique Stories

A story that is unique is something that is going to better stick with a person. Think of something that doesn’t often happen and is not often told that is still sexy. You will find that when you talk about a sex story that they usually all have very similar premises. This is why you should try to think of stories that are outside of the box so to speak.

Believable Stories

It can get to be cringe worthy if you hear stories that are completely unbelievable. Make sure that the stories that you do happen to tell are ones that are going to be ones that people can actually believe. It can turn out to be really annoying and not sexy when a story gets too far from reality to become believable.

Relatable Stories

Think of a story that people can relate to. While there is no such thing as a story that everybody can relate to it is still easy to have a sex story for a specific group of people. When you stop trying to please everybody you will end up having a much easier time when it comes to telling a sex story that is different from the rest.