Sharing your sexual experiences with others can be invigorating, a turn on, and even educational. Not everyone reads sex stories purely for fantasy reasons. Some people are looking for new ideas to help spice up their bedroom activities. Regardless of why you want to post stories, there are several places you can do this and read others for free.

Erotic Story Websites

If you want to put a more creative spin on your experiences, there are several websites where users can upload their stories. Many of these sites also host competitions where other users rate the stories based on their appropriate category and the winners may receive a small prize. Turning your real life sex encounters in to erotic stories isn’t difficult either. You just need to sit down and write about what happened, then go back and do some creative editing. Focus on the turn on and steamy parts and exaggerate these to create a piece of fiction that will stir everyone who reads it.

Adult and Swingers Forums

If you don’t want to turn your experiences in to something it wasn’t, you can post stories on most adult or swingers forums. Many of these forums have areas designated specifically to stories. This is a good place to share and learn from others. You can get ideas from others as well. Sometimes just scrolling through these stories can spark your own creative juices and get some ideas for your own bedroom affairs.